It has been over a week since developers submitted proposals for rehabbing eleven former school sites, including Stevens Elementary School, a storied institution downtown that was the first school for freed slave children in Washington…and more than a century later, the school that first daughter Amy Carter attended.

So far, the city hasn’t announced which groups are interested in the properties. Could it be that city employees are nervous about the reaction from school advocates claiming that the buildings should be retained as purely government property? Or are they just taking their time?

Hard to know.

Either way, I called mayoral spokesperson Sean Madigan today asking about the hold-up.

Well, lucky us, the names should apparently be released by tomorrow or Wednesday morning at the latest. They’ll be posted on the page currently set up to share news about these school sites (this one, I’m assuming.) Madigan also said that every school up for redevelopment received some kind of proposal. Hine Junior High School, located right by Eastern Market, and Stevens Elementary School in the West End, both drew the largest numbers of proposals—-somewhere between five to ten.