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I haven’t been closely following the saga of the Third Church of Christ, Scientist…But everyone else in Washington D.C. seems to be!

Today, Greater, Greater Washington posted an item about the congregation’s day in court. Seems Federal Judge James Robertson thinks the preservationists are being ridiculous. According to GGW, he denied the District’s motion to dismiss, and “all but promised” to ensure the church members would be able to demolish their building.  But the best part of the post comes about midway through with this little exchange between Robertson and DC counsel Leah Taylor:

“Have you seen the church?” Judge Robertson asked … “Yes, your honor,” she replied.

“Been down there? Walked around? Seen the building?” he continued. “Yes, your honor,” she replied.

“Gone inside?” he asked. “No, your honor,” she replied.

“Couldn’t find the door, could you?” he shot back with a gleam in his eye and a wicked smile.

The left side of the courtroom, filled with members and backers of the church, erupted with laughter. The right side, where the preservationists were sitting, heard a few nervous chuckles.