George Hawkins, Director of the District Department of the Environment, participated in an online chat over at Greater, Greater, Washington this afternoon. Here’s what he had to say about the Green DC Agenda released today:

We met with almost every agency and received more than 500 initiatives to be included. The Agenda 1.0 presents the greening plan for government efforts—-next on the docket is a 2.0 version which will outline what residents, businesses and community groups can do.

Big picture is that DC government is leading the charge in one of the great green cities in the world. Bike lanes, low impact development, retrofitting building, green purchasing — the agenda is a roadmap of current successes and future commitments.

And, we are sending out a post card to every district household seeking their feedback. On the website, there is a place for folks to give us feedback, and for people to join us by committing to go green.

We have talked with Arlington — and there certainly is good reason to make the programs compatible. Gabe Klein, the exciting new Director at DDOT, is in the lead.

He touches on more specific topics related to this plan throughout the conversation.