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The Barry Farm area will become one of the city’s four New Communities, receiving a burst of development and mixed-income housing.

It’s not the first development—-that would be Northwest One around North Capitol Street and New York Avenue, followed by Park Morton on Georgia Ave.—-but ultimately the neighborhood should receive “654 replacement units together with new affordable and market rate units for a total of 1,110 units.”

Now, add to that Matthews Memorial Terrace, “a 100% affordable housing development consisting of a four-story apartment building with 100 residential units, roughly of a third of which would be reserved for seniors,” according to DCmud.

DCmud reported the news yesterday. There’s no mention of the New Communities initiative, so I assume this housing will be in addition to what’s already planned in the area. Personally, I haven’t seen much (any) movement on the Barry Farm New Community plan. Northwest One is barely off the ground. The last I heard the city was just demolishing buildings at this point, with major construction planned for early 2010. So maybe this new Barry Farm housing will arrive long before the rest.

Here’s a bit more info about Matthew Memorial Terrace:

“Next door, a three-story community center would include a health clinic (possibly an extension of the United Medical Center – itself slated for a large-scale expansion), a community room, a bookstore/café and “a dinner room/restaurant” that, according to Bishop C. Matthew Hudson, Jr., would be “Ward 8’s second full-service sit-down restaurant.” The project is being designed by PGN Architects.”