Ugggghhhh, iPhones.  They are just too good.

By this point, I would actually be embarrassed to post a picture of my cell phone. Picture-taking, by the way, is not something it can do. I think its greatest trait is that it flips open and close. Actually, its greatest trait is that I can drop it at least three times a day with no repercussions.

I am bringing up my phone insecurities because today, via UrbanTurf, I learn that Zillow has created an iphone app, allowing you to “view real estate information on every home around you — as you move — using the Zillow iPhone App.”

And I am sure there are people that will do that. They will try to view home values in real time, while driving down the street, or before entering a friend’s house. Such a thing (or a similar thing) was described to me in the press materials for Newsweek writer Dan McGinn‘s book.

So to all you real estate obsessives: If looking up home values through your blackberry’s internet access was just too tough, life just got a tad easier.