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Today, DCist reports that the decade-long battle to permit the Giant to renovate its Cleveland Park location has reached a crucial moment. The zoning commission approved the PUD, and Giant may proceed.

For years, a group of neighborhood residents stood in the way of this project, despite an increasingly vocal crowd disagreeing with them.

Admittedly, I haven’t done much reporting on this issue. I’ve just been keeping up with Jule Banville’s posts over at City Desk.  But earlier this Spring, I spent a morning at the backyard brunch of a Cleveland Park family friend, and had a chat with a longtime CPer, who’d witnessed the entire fight from inside the combat zone

She personally was in favor of the Giant’s plans, and she thought this approval process had gone on so long because her neighborhood was full of a bunch of aging activists of her generation, who’d organized in the 1960s or whenever, and had the knack for coordinating big groups of people in protest. So what if the Wisconsin Ave Giant wasn’t Vietnam? So maybe it didn’t involve taking a bus to Alabama. It was still an issue of importance!

Anyway, it was just a theory, just one person talking. But as I stood in that lush, large backyard, near the outdoor coffee stand and the pool, it struck me as an interesting one.