Update:The D.C. Real World House: Phone Room, Kitchen, Love Sacks on Second Floor

Update:The Real World DC House: The Creepy Zone

If there is any lingering doubt that Real World is happening at 2000 S Street, I think we can put that to rest. I submit to you: Building plans for the inside of the Real World 23 house.

Oh yes, many of the classics are there: The confessional, the game room, the creepy control room areas, where producers quietly watch everything that’s going on ten feet away. But where is the JACUZZI? I see no love pool in the plans.

Perhaps producers are worried that D.C. will not inspire the same hook-ups as Vegas, Austin and some of the other seasons. Thus, bedrooms come first! Make it through the door, and you’ve practically stepped into a bedroom.

One great way to ensure all those drunk confessional interviews: Catch those cast-members coming out of the bathroom at 3 a.m. (Actually, I’m a little unclear what those diagonal lines reflect.)

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