The Capitol Riverfront, ever eager to bring newcomers to its shores, has gotten some boosts recently.  In the last month, Artomatic surely introduced some people to the neighborhood. But 41,517 in one night? Probably not.

No, the attraction in this case was the Boston Red Sox, which lured a record crowd to Nationals Stadium last night, almost transforming the neighborhood into a bean town satellite community. 

“Maybe Half Street should be renamed Yawkey Way,” wrote the Washington Post, “Maybe Ben’s Chili Bowl should be replaced with an Italian sausage vendor, or a place to grab a cup of chowda. If Nationals Park were not so void of history, it would have felt like Fenway Park last night. At times, it certainly sounded like it.”

The Capitol Riverfront BID just updated their materials in late June with new demographics in the area.