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It’s still a good day to be a gangsta in “Arlington: The Rap,” but Remy Munasifi is moving on. Creatively (to a video for the Tax Foundation), not physically. The star of the smash NoVa hit on YouTube (as well as “Partly Cloudy: The Rap” and the only slightly less-hilarious one about 2 percent milk) actually does love him some Clarendon.

His homage to his new hood—-he grew up in McLean and moved to Clarendon about a month ago—-went up mid-June, caught e-mail and Facebook fire, and is now getting a touch cold. Still, for those of you who have yet to experience the existential question: “Why are all these dudes wearing brown flip flops??,” here you go:


Housing Complex notes that some of the filming took place in Munasifi’s phat Clarendon pad. Munasifi agreed to play along with this angle. As a result, we bring you…

Ten Questions for YouTube Star GoRemy:

1. How many hits did you have to get to be able to score a place in Arlington?

Hmm, I’m really not sure. I got invited to be a partner by YouTube in November 2007, so that was helpful. My YouTube channel has over 30 million video views, so somewhere between zero and 30 million, I guess.

2. Is getting a condo there a dream fulfilled?

Well, everybody was saying, “now is the best time to buy!” As if anybody knows. If you’re not offering me advice from your massive yacht at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday, I’m not listening. I did want to buy, but ended up renting. I’m a pretty impulsive person. I went to West Virginia last fall to visit some friends and thought to myself: I should live here! So I got a place there, sight unseen. I moved back to Virginia four months later. So when I decided I wanted to buy a place in Clarendon, my dad tactfully suggested, since I can be a bit impulsive, I rent something first to see if it’s really something I want. So I’m in a trial period right now, renting in a condo building. I now realize what he meant.

3. What else can you tell us about your sweet-ass crib?

It’s filled with ladies. And by “ladies” I mean “pencils.” There’s nothing in the fridge. I got some artwork framed, but the frames are all on the floor, since I don’t know how to hang them.

4. These condo fees you mention in “Arlington: The Rap”: What do you get for them?

I guess that would be a bit of poetic license there. No condo fees since I’m renting. “Condo fees” sounds funnier than “rent.” To me, at least. We have a pool on the roof here. It’s like 3 feet deep. I’m pretty sure you could jump over it if you ran fast enough. When I got the building tour, I thought it was a puddle.

5. Do you own a pair of brown flip-flops?

I don’t own any flip-flops. I do own a brown face, however.

6. What’s the lamest comment you’ve heard/read about your Arlington piece? Paraphrasing is fine. I see there are a lot to choose from [more than 3,200], so I don’t expect you to memorize them.

No lame comments at all! If someone watches my video and doesn’t like it, I can’t complain. They gave it a shot by checking it out. That’s a tremendous gesture in itself.

[Editor’s Note: This, in fact, is a totally lame comment: “The sentiments espoused by the revolting maker of this video and his gross and spurious accomplices indicates a stunted and retarded worldview. This performance is a pollution upon the fair name of our county, and indicates the level of mentation common to those seen knuckledragging their way through the shops and along the sidewalks in the Clarendon area.”]

7. What’s the best comment you’ve heard/read?

I made a video about an online role-playing game called “Warcraft: The Rap.” In the video I played a character who was a member of the “Alliance faction.” One commenter wrote something like, “That’s what Alliance people look like in real life? ROTFL at Alliance.” I ROTFL’d at that comment myself. For readers who don’t know, “ROTFL” is “rolling on the floor laughing.” It’s a great thing to do if you’re sad. Or on fire.

8. Clarendon or Court House? Discuss.

I have to go with my home, Clarendon. You just can’t deny the ‘Dizzle. It’s a great place to live if you’re a fan of fine dining or construction.

9. Why do all the thugs live in Arlington?

The toughest people are just drawn to the toughest places. It gets pretty rough in between the yoga studio and the gelato place.

10. What are you working on next?

Perhaps a home-improvement project? I want a gold toilet.