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Whoever walks through the front door of the Whites’ house in Trinidad tonight is going to behold a lovely sight.

What’s not going to be there is an old, dull hardwood floor caked with dust. There’ll be no clutter or juice stains or anything like that.

There’ll be only a nice glow, a perfect welcome mat for early-summer cheer. That’s because Renee White and her daughters Alexus White, 8, and Cassandra White, 13, dropped by Home Depot today to get some Orange Glo and a mop, the better to showcase their home’s wood floors.

It’s a perfect job for the family, especially since Alexus and Cassandra recently finished the school year. And there’ll be no sanding or refinishing going on, either. “We did the floors 20 years ago,” says Renee White. “Now we’re just putting a fresh face on them.”