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Jim Conner strolled out of the permit center today at about 4 p.m., and he says he’s just “tickled to death” by how easy it was.

The 20-year-veteran electrical contractor says he’s averages five visits a week to 941 North Capitol, and he says the new permit center is a big improvement over the old process, where you’d “wait and wait and wait.”

“Love it here,” the cheerful Conner says—-there’s not as much waiting, and there’s a numbering system in place.

But that’s not to say things couldn’t improve: For instance, Conner says, not so long ago there used to be engineers who would look at a permit application, prepare the proper form, and tell you how much it would cost before handing it to a typist who would actually fill it out. These days, he says, the typists are doing all of that: “That’s what really slowed it down.”

Conner suggests bringing more workers in—-which, he suggests, might be a good deal for the city’s bottom line. “This is a money-making deal for the city, you know…It’s like the [parking] tickets—-if you’re doing business with the city, they’re gonna get you, so you might as well pay up.”

Way he sees it: More employees means faster service means quicker those city coffers fill up!