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We drive through Kalorama, Georgetown, Burleith, and finally Foxhall Village before we spot a live human being sitting on their front stoop. Just after 5 p.m., we find Bob Siciliano, 67, relaxing in a patio chair. His barefeet resting on a small metal table. His dress shirt untucked and unbuttoned down to his waist.

Siciliano says he left his downtown real-estate law firm at 3 p.m. He’s been on his patio ever since—-working his way through a pile of magazines (Consumer Reports, home building mags,”a bunch of crap”), answering messages on his BlackBerry, and zipping through David Ignatius’ latest terrorism-and-nukes thriller.

“I love sitting outside,” Siciliano says. “My neighbors will tell you.” We’d ask them but they’re not out unless they’re hiding behind the well-managed shrubs and tree shade in the small park across the street.

“This is my beach,” he explains. “Bob’s Beach.”

Siciliano has lived in Foxhall since he purchased his English-Tudor style home in 1972. Two months ago, he bought a portable patio umbrella for his front porch. The Ignatius book is a relatively new addition. “It’s just getting good,” he says. He’s on page 201. “This really is good. Good beach book.”

*photos by Darrow Montgomery. Text by Jason Cherkis.