Yesterday was Housing Complex Day, a complete celebration of D.C.’s architectural flops and triumphs, failed stadium projects, landlord/tenant battles, forgotten condos, and one City Paper staffer’s wireless theft skills.

Here are some highlights:

Single Best Line of the Day:

3. What else can you tell us about your sweet-ass crib?

It’s filled with ladies. And by “ladies” I mean “pencils.”

-The response by Remy Munasifi—-the dude behind “Arlington:The Rap”—-to the above question.

Best “Oh yes, I have done that at my house too” moment:

Amanda Hess‘s description of how she steals wireless in her home: “Make sure your laptop is good and charged, and then stalk through every floor and room of your house, holding the computer open and checking signal strength every couple of steps. Check out the front and back yards, too—you might be putting in some overtime on the stoop this summer.”

Best public place to steal WiFi, if you happen to need free WiFi in upper Northwest:

In front of Mayor Adrian Fenty’s house…

Best creepy voyeuristic shots of man enjoying his front yard:

I guess they’re kind of sweet—-but did the guy even know you were there Darrow?

Best pet for an apartment:

The pet described as “ideal for urban living” is not a dog, cat, gerbil or mouse—-although lots of urbanites have those whether they want them or not! In fact, the animal is…

Worst excuse for not paying your rent on time:

Saying you didn’t understand your last court agreement because there was no interpreter available. There was.