Update: The Real World DC: All Quiet on the S Street Front.

Update:Real World DC Video Roundup

The only lights on at the Real World house last night were on the upper levels—-where staff offices and production spaces are located.

Rampant reports! People are tweeting about the Real World cast members, who’ve supposedly arrived today. They’ve been spotted with crew members around the Logan Circle area.

Also, there are locals outside the house waiting for everyone’s arrival, and they’re eating ice cream sandwiches! And, no way are they going to share those ice cream sandwiches!

Here’s what we got so far via Twitter:

brightestyoung How long does it take a real world crew member to put together a chair? 3 ice cream sandwiches

gtownjason Just walked by some real world taping on 16th & P. LAME

Katelicte uh oh, the Real World DC cast moves in(to my ‘hood) today….Linking to Brightest Young Things: “16th and mt pleasant 2 girls- blond, strawberry blond, regularly dressed- jeans and casual. looked young” Taking a left on Mount PLeasant street, towards The Raven, La Casa and Tonic. Maybe coming back from the ZOO? 5 person crew in tow.

Chams09 @ Whole Foods on P St., NW WDC…camera crew filming Real World cast member shopping. I’m ready for my close up.

FamousDC RT @dakotafine: Sitting outside real world dc house waiting to see these douches #rwwatch

brightestyoung ice cream sandwiches and a stake-out in front of the real world dc house with @dakotafine http://bit.ly/W8y2U stay tuned #rwwatch

brightestyoung Emotional eating of ice cream sandwiches outside real world house with dakota

kendyell Loitering outside the Real World house with my bro and some hipsters..everyone inexplicably has ice cream sandwiches but won’t give us any

torioreo ugh real world dc is actually happening. They’re moving in right now. My city is being gang raped bareback as we speak. #rwwatch

KT2240 The Real World DC cast is currently arriving! Let the stalking begin… haha

tenneb #rwwatch Am I really sitting outside the DC real world house waiting for them to move in…