Two D.C. energy auditors out on the job

The Downtown Business Improvement District is reporting that Washington DC will receive $30 million in energy efficiency and conservation funding through the US Department of Energy.

The DC government plans to use 75% of the funds for agencies in need of energy efficiency improvements, with the remaining 25% going to District Department of the Environment (DDOE) programs that provide direct services to businesses and residents. The anticipated end result: reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

For a breakdown of which agencies will be receiving the most cash, check below the jump:

Here is the proposed distribution: Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization (26.3%); Office of Property Management (26.3%); Fire and Emergency Medical Services (4.7%); Department of Parks and Recreation (4.7%); D.C. Public Libraries (4.7%). The rest can be found here.

Image by Darrow Montgomery