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Blog post by Jason Cherkis.

DCist is reporting that the Real World DC cast may be arriving right friggin now. Has anybody been this excited by the arrival of more d-bags into D.C.? DCist writes:

“A tipster just texted that the D.C. Real World cast appears to be arriving as we speak — she reports seeing a blonde girl with a suitcase walking through Dupont Circle, looking clueless and being trailed by a camera crew.”

The Anti-Real World DC blog has pictures (see above) capturing the apparent awkward move in.

“Hi. I’m Ethan. I will be playing the drunken frat boy in cargo shorts.”

“Hi. I’m Zoe. I will be playing the drunken ditz who hooks up with you in the second episode.”

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Anti Real World blogger writes of the mayhem/excitement:

“Walking by the house on my way to my birthday lunch and saw Generic Blonde Girl castmember walking to house. Straight male friend thought she had too much make-up on.

Sidenote, cameramen were literally shoving people out of the way…”

One Real World-themed twitter feed notes the following:

*“Remember: Know the law: Stay off RW property. Stay off Safeway property. Sidewalks are public – not even cops can have u move”

*“The Real World Cast is moving in. Fer REAL”

*“They’re filming outside by the grill now.”

*View really bad picture of possible cast outside Real World Home.

*photo by Anti-Real World DC. They have more pictures. You should check out their site if you give a shit.