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We called it Hubcapitol Hill for a reason.

Last year, when City Paper released its neighborhood guide, we assigned that moniker to the area around Rhode Island Avenue and New York Avenue.* If you’ve never parked your car there and walk around, you’re not alone. Here’s a little description from the guide:

There’s no there there: Commuters commute through it, gentrifiers can’t quite re-do it, and, unless you’re retrieving your car from the Brentwood Impound Lot or adopting a dog at the D.C. Animal Shelter, many tourists and white Washingtonians have never been to it.

But now the DC government is determined to create the there there. Last month, it released an economic development plan for the Rhode Island Avenue NE Great Streets Corridor.

This “‘diamond’—-a largely un-mined yet valuable investment opportunity”—-their language not mine—-is deserving of roughly $1.2 billion in new investments in housing, retail, office and public art, according to the plan. The funds—-public and private—-would hopefully be distributed between 2010 and 2025.

The entire stretch is 3-miles long, touching the neighborhoods of Brentwood, Brookland,  Eckington, Edgewood, Langdon and Woodridge. The surrounding area’s home to nearly 32,000 people. Roughly a third of that population is elderly. The median household income is $46,400. (Page 6.)

The plan breaks down the stretch into four sub-areas. I’ll post for each one.

Update: Dense Development by Brentwood Metro (Subarea 1)

*Admittedly some of Rhode Island Ave touches the neighborhoods of Brookland and University Heights—-Sacramento—-which ranked a little higher in our guide. But the street itself has much more of Hubcapitol Hill vibe.