Everything’s about to change on Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast. And by “everything,” I mean some things. And by “about to change,” I mean may change between now and 2025.

So good, I’m glad we got that cleared up.

This week, I’ve been going through the city’s plan for a new Rhode Island Ave in Northeast, looking at ways to improve the road with new development and $1.2 billion in investment between 3rd Street all the way to Eastern Avenue, bordering Maryland. More information below the jump.

Part 1: Rhode Island Ave. Plan: Dense Development by Brentwood Metro

Part 2: Rhode Island Ave. Overhaul: Medium-Sized Developments in Southern Brookland

Part 3: Rhode Island Ave. Overhaul: An Art District in Woodridge?

Part 4: Rhode Island Ave. Overhaul: Nothing to See Here Folks

Photo By Darrow Montgomery