Solea Condos
Solea Condos

(1) The Real World DC: You’ve Seen the House, Now See the Cast?

(2) The City Forces Developers to Sell Cheap Condos. But Can You Find Them?

(3) The D.C. Real World House: Bedrooms, Game Room, and Confessional on First Floor

(4) Real World DC Video Roundup

(5) The Fall of Hammer Communications: How a Georgetown Ad Agency Built on McMansions Ended up in a Pile of Debt

(6) Why All the Fuss About Bloomingdale’s Boxer Girl?

(7) Update: Nathans Building Still on the Market

(8) The D.C. Real World House: Phone Room, Kitchen, Love Sacks on Second Floor

(9) Breaking News: Nathans in Georgetown Is Closing

Image by Darrow Montgomery