The view from Walters’ house

Harriette Walters‘ pirate booty was epic.

One of her cohorts alone acquired a Mercedes-Benz car, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a Cadillac Escalade SUV, designer handbags, 62 pieces of jewelry, fur coats and monies held in three bank accounts.

But, for Walters, perhaps the greatest piece of loot was the chance to step out of her life, get away from it all, and be somewhere simple.

Thank god for her Virgin Islands home. 

But now the central figure in D.C.’s $50 million tax scam has lost that—-as well as 17.5 years of her life. 

Walters’ Virgin Islands home is up for auction, according to NBC. 

The house was raided by federal agents back in November 2007, according to a local newspaper. 

The house is on St. Thomas. It sits on .64 acres of land, and has a patio/deck and porch. Here’s a longer description of the property:

“This is a detached one and a half story two unit dwelling. The home is new and unfinished. It is unclear as to how many bedrooms the property has because there are a number of rooms within rooms that could be considered large closets. The upper level of the main unit is accessed by a spiral staircase. There is a carport under the main unit and a one (1) bedroom apartment.”