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Remember that video of the MTV camera operator that blocked local reporter Lindsey Mastis as she tried to interview Real World DC fans?

Well, now we know his name, “Ryan Romkema”. And we also know that he came to his senses and decided to apologize, or at least heeded the advice of someone who urged him to express some remorse. The letter’s a little stiff. But it does the trick.

Dear Lindsey Mastis,

I would like to extend an apology for my conduct on July 2. My actions on that day were ill advised and an overreaction to the pressures of the moment. Many people were and are excited for “The Real World DC” and the opportunities that lay ahead. A camera instruction was given to document the situation and it was too much. The nation’s capital has given a warm welcome to “The Real World DC” and it is our desire to present this great city in the best light possible. I regret my actions that day and hope you will accept this apology.

Google Ryan Romkema, and up pops his personal homepage, which bears a minimalistic style…and a resume! It appears Romkema’s seen a lot of binge-drinking, puking, not-so-surprising hook-ups, bitch slaps and over-stylized bathrooms with revealing showers in his professional career.

In other words, this isn’t his first Real World: He was part of the Denver, Key West, and Philadelphia staff, plus worked on several other MTV productions.

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