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Tonight, the Humane Society is hosting a bash for seals…and D.C.’s burgeoning “Real World DC” paparazzi.

In a press release from last week, the organization relayed that “there is a good chance that crew and cast from “The Real World DC” will be in attendance. If you are uncomfortable potentially being filmed, then you might want to reconsider this event. But it is a wonderful opportunity to get our message out.”

Our twitter feed is now reporting the RWDC group is in attendance.

The event is being thrown by the “ProtectSeals” team, which “will be honoring the local chefs and restaurants who have joined our boycott of Canadian seafood and are working to put an end to Canada’s commercial seal hunt forever.”

Other much, much, muuuuuch less important celebs like Nigel Barker, a host of “America’s Next Top Model,” and celebrity DJ Josh Madden—-he once signed shoes with“Gossip Girl’s” Ed Westwick—were also expected to attend, according to the release.

UPDATE 7:15: A friend at Policy reports the cast is gone, but people are still talking about them.