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One last note about The Watergate:  The hotel’s not the only place that needs work—-or lots and lots of work.

It’s as if the building managers purposely preserved the complex’s 1970s look, so people could feel like they were stepping into President Richard Nixon‘s crime scene.

The other day, the Reliable Source did a great job of describing the Watergate’s faded glamour. But to believe it is to see it, and nowhere is frumpier than the “Watergate Shops.”

Behold: The cracked, patched-up ground, the stained windows, and the retro signs.The fountain looks like it was purchased from a 1960s Disney resort hotel. The Safeway clearly has storage issues (note the towering boxes.) There’s a statue that appears to be a cross between Michael Jackson, Ronald McDonald and an albino person.

“Don’t you love that thing?” said a passerby, noting me eying said statue. “I thought it was a real person.”

This statue does not look like a real person.