According to United Van Lines, Washington D.C. is the most popular “migration destination” in the U.S.

The moving company says 63.6 percent of its D.C. moves were inbound and 36.4 percent were outbound, the Washington Business Journal reports.

Poor Michigan sat at the other end of the spectrum. Within that state, 70 percent of the movers are leaving.

The company’s final report for last year had DC coming out on top as well.

Mid-Atlantic states came out ahead in 2008, with the District of Columbia (62.1%) reigning as the top destination, North Carolina (58.2%) capturing third place (dropping from the No. 1 spot in 2007) and South Carolina (56.4%) coming in as the seventh highest inbound state. And although it’s not considered a high-inbound state, Delaware (54%) showed signs of growth in 2008.