The Greyhound bus station is where you go before you learn better. 

It’s about as nostalgic for me as summer camp (Note: I disliked summer camp.)

Circa 2002-2003, I used the Greyhound station a few times to visit friends in NYC. The place was a hike from any METRO station, and the food looked like it might force you to ask the bus driver to pull over in a few hours.

Union Station was up the hill. Late on Sunday night, I was just thankful to make it there with all my bags. 

Now, thank god, we have chinatown buses, DC2NY, BoltBus, Vamoose, and probably three more lines are being created as I write. 

I imagine others share similarly unpleasant memories of the Greyhound station. And Greyhound too recognizes a change is long overdue. That’s why they’re considering a move into Union Station itself, the Washington Business Journal reports

David Ball, president of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp., told a Congressional subcommittee Wednesday that he has been working on “constructing an inter-modal bus station at Union Station, in which Greyhound would be a participant.” The project would require new federal funding but could allow other bus companies that carry travelers between D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston to pick up and drop off passengers as well. Ball said he has begun a feasibility study that will show whether the parking deck, now largely unused, is capable of handling heavy bus traffic. The terminal would have an entrance out the back of Union Station to H Street NE.

David Leach, CEO of Dallas-based Greyhound, has been trying to sell the company’s 1.6-acre depot nearby at 1005 First St. NE for more than a year with plans to move buses into the station.