Maitri House residents
Maitri House residents

This week on Housing Complex, readers indulged their hippy fantasies with a co-op story, and fed their Real World obsession (you people love this stuff! You love it!) Plus, we shut down comments on the Hammer story. RIP: You had a good run Hammer comment section.

(1) Peace, Love, and Interest Payments: How to Run a Modern Co-op

(2) Real World Producer Upsets Washington Freedom Mascot

(3) Watergate Hotel Auctioned for $25 Million

(4) Real World D.C. Cast Arriving Now! Really?

(5) A Peek into the Watergate Hotel (It Ain’t Pretty)

(6) The Watergate: The Frumpiest Place in D.C.?

(7) MTV Crew Member Apologizes for Blocking Local Reporter

(8) Twitter Update: Real Worlders at Policy

(9) The Fall of Hammer Communications: How a Georgetown Ad Agency Built on McMansions Ended up in a Pile of Debt