So two things:

(1) Much like most of our editorial staff, I’m out on vacation for the next week!

(2) Housing Complex is almost a year old—-sort of, kind of.* 

Rather than leave you with the typical week-ender post about the latest popular items, I’m going to print up the crème de la crème of Housing Complexia from the start. On the actual one-year anniversary date, I’ll be around to report the news of the day. So we’ll do highlights now!

(1) “The Fall of Hammer Communications: How a Georgetown Ad Agency Built on McMansions Ended up in a Pile of Debt, a story about an advertising company president who stops paying his employees and contractors, closes his business, and then re-launches a new advertising firm roughly a block away. 

(2) “The Real World DC: You’ve Seen the House, Now See the Cast?” They finally arrived. Keep up with the cast’s whereabouts here. 

(3)”What’s the Skinny?” in which we learn that skinny houses have skinny bathrooms! Among other things. 

(4) “The D.C. Real World House: Bedrooms, Game Room, and Confessional on First Floor” For more info, click here.

(5) “The D.C. Real World House: Phone Room, Kitchen, Love Sacks on Second Floor” Like I just said.

(6) “$20,000 Inauguration Rental…In Mitchellville” Relive the inauguration housing insanity at its height! Bonus: Learn where Mitchellville is!

(7) “U Got Sales?” in which we learn that U Street’s not a bad place to build condos these days. 

(8) “Where Should Rahm Emanuel Live?”in which I pick out the new Emanuel family abode.

(9) “The City Forces Developers to Sell Cheap Condos. But Can You Find Them?” Don’t bet on it,” is the correct answer here.  

(10) “Hine School Development Plans Unveiled” The headline’s pretty self-explanatory. 

*Okay, we’re talking “almost a year-old,” like a seven year-old would say “I’m almost Eight years-old!” a month and a half in advance.

Image by Mr. T in DC, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License