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Northwest One is the first of four transformative New Communities projects in DC.

If you don’t recognize that vague new neighborhood title, think Temple Courts, Sursum Corda, and that mapped area above (also, it’s basically across the street from NoMa).*

Today, Mayor Adrian Fenty unveiled the first piece of Northwest One, the Walker Jones Education Campus—-“the District’s first combined school, recreation and library facility,” according to a city press release.

When the entire Northwest One project is completed, it will have roughly “1,630 new units of housing–apartments, condos and townhouses priced for buyers and renters at all income levels–as well as a new 21,000 square foot clinic, more than 40,000 square feet of retail and 220,000 square feet of office space,” according to the original approved proposal.

Here’s more about the new campus:

The campus includes a 100,000 square foot K-8 school; a 20,000 square foot community recreation center; a 5,000 square foot library and new athletic fields and playgrounds. While the school is scheduled to open for the first day of class later this month, the library and public recreation center will open in November. Located at New Jersey Avenue and Pierce Street NW, the facility replaces two former public schools – the Terrell Junior High School and Walker Jones Elementary School. The new facility has capacity to accommodate 850 students.

*Historically speaking, the neighborhood will also be remembered for the murder of seventh-grader Princess Hansen, who was targeted after she apparently witnessed another murder.