A few years back, I visited the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition set when the show filmed in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

For someone not swinging a hammer, or carting around building materials, or dropping off water to volunteers, let me just say: It was strangely awesome. (Don’t get me wrong: It was probably awesome for the volunteers too—-but I was there reporting.)

Now, I’m going entirely from memory here, but here’s what I recall: The Extreme Makeover team didn’t just take over half a block—-they were all over the place! At a nearby school facility, up and down various streets in the neighborhoods. ABC had basically colonized the community for a few days. And the food! So much food—-Abundant Starbucks samples and endless cookies.

It was a spectacle.  I say all that to bring up the fact that the show’s returning to the Washington DC-area. Burch Builders Group is overseeing construction, and it’s looking for everything: Volunteers, building materials, a t-shirt company, food suppliers.

ABC announced Home Makeover’s return last week, with no mention of locations. The workers will “construct a new house and community center in one week,” according to the release.

“ExtremeMakeover:HomeEdition”,ABC Television’s Emmy-award winning hit reality show, is coming to the nation’s capital to surprise a lucky family and a community center. This season’s theme is “GET ON THE BUS” capturing the momentum of the Obama administration’s focus on volunteerism. The program will air as a two-hour special featuring local builders Burch Builders Group LLC and G&M Contracting, Inc. as they construct a new house and community center in one week.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/robbrooks/ / CC BY-ND 2.0

“>Image by Rob J Brooks, Flickr Creative Commons