Acker Street NE
Acker Street NE

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A reader either noticed my column about a woman that lives on Acker Street/Place NE. Or he noticed a subsequent blog post about my nearly 15-day search—-still not entirely conclusive—-to determine the exact name of this one-block road. 

Anyway, here’s his contribution to the debate:

By the way, I actually live on Acker Place/Street for 10 years and I have been wondering and doing research about the true name of the block as well. 

I use to help this lady who lived up the street from me with her groceries. She died early last year but we talked all the time. She said that her original deed said Acker Place and she had been living there for 25 years. I also know in 2006 our street signs were changed from Acker Place to Acker Street and according to the post office that was a mistake. I actual think it was Acker Place first and was changed at some point but for some reason the post office didn’t get the memo lol.