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Last week, I did quite a bit of reporting on nudist roommate searches—-you know how nudists find each other, and how they’re not always so pumped to discuss the methods.

For my column this week, I’m not writing anything on nudist roommates, just Craigslist searches in general. Nonetheless, this letter found its way to my inbox.* It is in response to an advertisement for a $1,000 room in a two-bedroom apartment in Dupont. The lister was not looking for a nudist roommate.

Paragraph 1: Completely normal. Paragraph 2: “Would you be willing when we meet to strip down?”  Here it is in full.

I like that you list the good with the bad, it is honest. I work in dupont one week per month (possibly more soon) and would like to stop staying with friends etc. i am 38, white, cleancut, gay. I am a non smoker, no pets, no drugs.

I am a professional type guy who is also best described as preppy. I have attached a picture. (Edit: No, he’s not naked in it, and no I’m not posting it, since the man probably never expected it to land in the inbox of an alt-weekly reporter. He looks just like he sounds—-up until this point.)

My personal living habits. I am very neat but not over the top. I will be honest and will say that while home I will tend to wear little or no clothing (except if you have company over obviously) since I truly find it uncomfortable especially in warmer months like this. I would need you to be comfortable with that and I once roomed with a guy who wasn’t and it was a bad experience. He said he was cool with it up front and then after I moved in, paid rent, etc. he told me he wasn’t. I know how this is going to sound but would you be willing when we meet to strip down? This is not a disguised sexual request as I have no idea what you look like anyway. It is a comfort thing. It sounds like a small apartment….are we also sharing one bathroom?

Finally, my schedule takes me out of town starting Wed night so if possible and if you are interested of course we should meet prior to that. Today is perfect. Let me know. Thanks.

*Just in case there’s any confusion, I should note: This letter was forwarded to me by its original recipient—-an innocent Dupont Craigslister—-who I was interviewing for an upcoming piece. The letter was not sent directly to me. Thank god.

Image by zongo69, Flickr Creative Commons