I love writing about grocery stores. Nothing makes a neighborhood like having a place to buy food around the corner. Everyone’s happier when they don’t need to schlep for basic sustenance.

So, on that note, the Washington Business Journal has a nice little nibble—-get it!-—of gossip about a new grocer possibly coming to DC:

The Fresh Grocer, a Philadelphia-based chain that has six locations in the Philadelphia area and one in Wilmington, Del. is taking a hard look at Howard Town Center, the campus project being planned by the university and Castlerock Partners LLC. It will open its eighth store, of 50,000 square feet, in Northwest Philly on Friday.

The Howard Town Center will be located  on a 2.2 acre parcel  at 2100 Georgia Avenue, according to DCMud.

That’s roughly a block up from the intersection of 7th Street and Florida Avenue NW.

Next week, the  project’s developers will be presenting plans to the community at two separate meetings. Here are more details circulating on the neighborhood listservs:

The presentation will be held at the Emergence Community Arts Collective, located at 733 Euclid Street, N.W. on August 31, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. for those in these two communities who are interested. If you are unable to attend this presentation, then the same presentation will be made at the ANC 1B meeting on Thursday, September 3rd, organized by Commissioner Myla Moss.