Maryland’s “Seize the Day Off” campaign.

“Virginia is for Lovers” may be inducted in the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame as one of America’s best slogans.

That is, if it can beat, “Only you can prevent forest fires,” “Just do it,” “Eat Fresh,” and some other all too familiar phrases. The competition—-anyone can vote—lasts until late September. 

But seeing “Virginia is for Lovers” makes me wish we took time to examine a completely hilarious, oft-discussed and oft-forgotten set of slogans: State slogans—-both failed, and soon-to-be failed. 

Connecticut has a long, dismal history with slogans: “Better Yet, Connecticut” “Connecticut: So Much, So Near,” “CLASSIConnecticut: Pride of New England.” 

Note: The blendedALLCAPS look never works.

Louisiana’s “Come as you are. Leave Different. takes on a different tone post-Katrina.

But my personal, very short-lived fave belongs to Maryland’s “Seize the Day Off.”  It’s like: Don’t even think about staying a week. Really, you know, for a day, you maaaaaaaay be able to keep yourself busy.

Also, Kansas’s unconfirmed slogan “Land of Ahhs”—-get it Dorothy, Toto…place like home?—-is completely delightful.*

*My source is wikipedia.