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This house is in Potomac:

This house is in Fairfax:

This morning, Tranzon Fox auctioned off a sprawling, white Potomac mansion, up on a hill, looking out toward Congressional Parkway.  The house was the third home formerly owned by Bollywood entrepreneur/mortgage scam perpetrator Vijay K. Taneja to be purchased through Tranzon in the last year.

This spring, Taneja’s ocean-side home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks got auctioned off. And back in November 2008, Taneja’s personal dream home—-a 25,000 square foot Fairfax mansion, complete with a prayer room, outdoor pool, and a squash court—-was purchased by a bidder too.

For those that attended last fall’s event and today’s sale, the scene must have felt eerily familiar. Even a bit like deja vu.

Taneja’s Potomac property is almost an exact replica of his Fairfax home.

He never intended to live here, say sources. Rather, he bought the Potomac land, and built two houses “on spec.” First he constructed a smaller—albeit, still humooooooongous—property next door, which ended up being rented out. Then, starting roughly three years ago, he began building 9034 Bronson Drive, the auction property.

The bidding started at $3.5 million. Well past $4 million, two potential buyers began to duke it out. Apparently, they were pals—-or at least that’s what one bidder mumbled, as he refused to go higher.

“Lovely, they’re friends,” announced the auctioneer.

But higher the bidder went ultimately, although he once murmured “let him have it.” Meanwhile, his real estate agent never faltered, rasping  “Give it up, give it up” towards the other bidder.

The other potential buyer—identified as Shailender Gupta by his real estate agent—refused and ultimately walked away with the winning bid: $4.790 million.  Gupta currently lives in Potomac, and runs a certified public accounting firm. His wife is a physician, says his agent Homi Irani.

Gupta’s daughter-in-law, Mukti Gupta, attended the auction with him today. She and her husband and two children live with buyer Gupta, his wife, and her brother-in-law currently. All seven of them have been searching for the perfect home for a while now, and this one seems to fit the bill, she said before the auction commenced.

“We like the way it’s all set up with two master bedrooms. We like the theater downstairs. We love the kitchen,” she said, standing right in it, a line of portable coffee containers stationed behind her. “We love how the house is very open.”

Yes indeed. One could easily fit an entire, decent-sized bathroom in the shower stall of the master bathroom downstairs.