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This week—-well, really for the last couple weeks—-I’ve been writing about Vijay Taneja, Bollywood producer, local mortgage broker, and generator of a flimsy house of cards, which ultimately collapsed last year.  Taneja is currently serving out a seven year prison sentence for charges related to a mortgage fraud scheme.

Thus far, I’ve written about Taneja’s erstwhile collection of mansions: His own former Fairfax home, a nearly identical property in Potomac, another large house next door in Potomac, and a colossal beach abode in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

But that’s far from all Taneja owned.

On Monday, I talked to bankruptcy trustee H. Jason Gold, who told of a much grander, more diverse portfolio, including:  Several office condominiums in Fairfax city, which have been sold; Single family residences in places like  Leesburg, Alexandria, and Bowie; Two parcels of undeveloped land out in Loudoun County; and some residential rowhouses in Baltimore, “right in the middle of the city, in a really downtrodden neighborhood.”

That last entry doesn’t appear to be a top priority.  Gold says he’s been asked many times about the value of this entire portfolio. The wild card remains the two parcels of raw land in Loudoun county, which have been quoted at a wide variety of values. But, the mansions alone will bring in between $10 to $15 million.