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It’s still a rarity to see solar panels in D.C.—-and in every other city I’ve ever lived in.

But I tend to believe that somewhere out there exists a bastion of solar believers—-a land where rooftop after rooftop glints with those  dark, futuristic panels that look like they were plucked from a spaceship.

Unfortunately, that place may not exist. Forbes.com has assembled a list of the top 15 metropolitan areas which have the greatest percentages of solar-powered homes. Many are out west, not surprisingly.

Among those on the list (in no particular order): San Antonio, Las Vegas, Austin, San Francisco, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, Seattle…

San Jose sits at the top of the list with 9.6  homes using solar energyout of every 10,000 homes. So that’s obviously well under one percent in that area—and that’s the best we’re doing.

image by Wayne National Forest, Flickr Creative Commons