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As I may or may not have whined about in the past, urban biking freaks me out.

I do timidly pedal around on occasion. But I lack the bravery and well-honed sense of when to break the rules that others possess. (See Mike DeBonis‘s “Cyclists: How to Be a Sensible Scofflaw”)

I’m just waiting for a solution to come along—-one that will decrease all visions of me flying through the air, bike far behind.

It appears New York has got the ticket. *

Brownstoner, a Brooklyn-based blog, recently re-posted on an upcoming construction project along  Prospect Park West.  The biker space actually has two opposing lanes for bikes to easily whiz by each others, and it’s shielded from traffic by parked cars.

Sweet relief!

*I’ve also heard that Portland has a similar biker lane layout.

Image by NYC Department of Transportation