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The Washington Post, NBC, and ABC have all covered the tale of the open house bandits! Cops nabbed the two men on Sunday on suspicions that they had stolen jewelry from homes across the region.

One Virginia real estate agent, Weichert’s Mary Hurlbut, is basking in her hero moment.

After one of her clients discovered $10,000 in jewelry missing following an open house, Hurlbut contacted the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors to spread the word amongst her colleagues.

The website reported:

“Possible suspects could be a father and son. The elder is in his early 50s, the son in his mid-20s. Both are white, have brown hair, and are about 5′ 9”. The father claims to be from Columbia, Maryland, and wants to be closer to Metro.

The younger house hunter wandered upstairs as the agent was talking to the father. The father called upstairs to his son and said “Make sure you take a picture of the hall — you know how important the hall is to me.”

Silly bandits! Should have gone with the bathroom!