Lord knows, D.C. United fans can rant when agitated. Here’s what a few fans and commenters are already saying regarding the latest D.C. United news about the team potentially moving to Baltimore.

The Fan Already Worried He’ll Get a DUI Leaving Baltimore:”I may be spoiled with my Metro access, but that is what keeps the fans coming. I don’t want to have to find a sober driver or worry about my beer intake. Not that I go and get plastered but DUI laws are extremely strict these days.” (Washington Post)

The Self-Interested Individual With No Team Loyalty: “Build the stadium in Baltimore and then give us a team in Southeast Virginia and I think its a fair deal. :-)” (Fannation.com)

The Let’s-Be-Real Commentator: The only way this happens is if DC United and League owners decide that DC United can no longer exist in the DC Market and look to the move the team to another city. In which case, the League would have to determine whether Baltimore fits their growth plan or whether moving the team to one of the previously mentioned cities (e.g., St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, etc.)… (WVHooligan.com)

The ‘Give-It-Up-For-Baltimore’ Baltimorean:”Dare I identify myself on this blog as being from Baltimore… DC United fans shouldn’t think so highly of themselves, if moved to B’more there will be PLENTY of new fans ready and willing to support the club here, if not already. All those rich white folks in soccer-obsessed Columbia need something to do on Sunday afternoons in the summer…” (Washington Post)

The Dude Who Can See Through It All: “I seriously doubt that United is interested in anything more than putting more pressure on localities closer in around DC. If they were moving, Baltimore would probably not top the list of prospective new homes. Besides, it really is too far to be attractive to the team’s current fan base.” (Washington Post)