Hard to believe, it was a mere four months ago that Real World rumors started to permeate our lives…

…and we learned about the impending installation of “love sacks” and the confessional’s location.

…and then we giddily falsely believed the show had started taping when locals spotted  camera men walking backwards, filming random young people around Logan Circle.

…and then the cast members finally arrived. And one camera man proved to be a total asshole to a local reporter, though he later apologized.

…and then some of us kind of stalked the real worlders, and others of us attempted to, but got a bit bored.

…and then City Paper, along with a couple other outlets (I know NPR was there), got to visit the house about two weeks ago on the promise of embargoing all stories until later.  But I will just say my initial fear that there was no jacuzzi was absolutely dispelled. Oh, and the bedrooms are presidentially-themed.

…So what do we know now: The show is set to air on Dec. 30.