This next post has got me feeling a bit Tim ‘The Tool Man’ -esque. But I’m going for it anyway.

Plumbers have apparently joined the ranks of dentists, SAT tutors, personal chefs and others who fit into the category of “People you once hired to do something, and now send you unnecessary newsletters.”

A few months ago, my roommates and I called a plumber to come out and fix a clogged pipe situation that was forcing revolting liquids to re-enter our house. I’m sparing you more details on that one.

Then, lo and behold three months later, we receive this little note courtesy of ROTO ROOTER, Plumbing & Drain Service:

“Millions of pounds of pumpkin pulp is scraped from pumpkins throughout the Halloween season, resulting in yummy pies, creative jack-o’-lanterns… and plumbing nightmares.

Every year, plumbers get lots of calls to repair garbage disposers and kitchen sink drains that have been clogged with slimy, stringy pumpkin pulp and seeds.”

Follow these tips to guard against Halloween drain disasters…

Never put pumpkin pulp or seeds down the toilet, sink drain or in the garbage disposer. The stringy, sticky gunk hardens and clogs drains and disposers.

Carve pumpkins on a thick bed of newspaper. Wrap up pumpkin-related materials and throw away in the garbage can or compost pile.

Separate the seeds, then roast for a tasty treat. Or grow your own pumpkins by planting this year’s seeds early next spring.