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Ft. Totten’s new look (above) and its current state below.

And since we’re discussing the Art Place @ Ft. Totten, let me provide a few numbers, for comparison’s sake, on its enormity.

The Art Place@Ft. Totten—-located next to the Fort Totten Metro Station—-will include a children’s museum, a grocery store, tons of retail space and 929 residential units. The entire parcel of land is 17 acres.

Also, more pictures below the jump.

  • It’s bigger than the Watergate complex, by a long shot: The Watergate complex is composed of 600 residential units and 250 hotel rooms, according to the Washington Business Journal. And it’s located on only 10 acres of land.
  • It’s basically like adding 40 percent of Penn Quarter’s housing stock to upper NE. (Within the whole of Penn Quarter—-including apartments and condos—there are 2,350  residential units, according to Jo-Ann Neuhaus, with the Pennsylvania Quarter Neighborhood Association.)