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When news broke last week that the Real World DC was done shooting, an obvious question arose: “Now what happens to the house?!”*

Well, whatever it is—-it won’t involve MTV. The network’s lease is up on Thanksgiving and it has no intention of extending the contract or buying the Dupont Circle property, according to spokesperson Tamika Young. Nor does it have any plans for any other series filming in D.C. (Hey, it’s not soooo far-fetched in this youth-filled, Obama era.)

As for the house’s poppy furniture and design elements—-I already mentioned the presidentially-themed bedrooms—-some “will be returned as it was on loan. Some will be reused by the production company, and some will be given to local charities and non profits,” writes Young.

The decor was picked out by Chuck Aubrey, the same man responsible for Denver’s outdoorsy touches, Hollywood’s mini golf-inspired front yard, and other selections from four previous seasons.

Back in June, the Washington Post’s Reliable Source identified bigtime D.C. developer and property owner Doug Jemal as the owner of the building, located at 2000 S Street NW.

*That’s literally taken verbatim from a commenter.