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On Wednesday morning, I took off for a little fall break trip to New Haven and New York City. Since that time, I’ve learned two crucial things. First and foremost: Amtrak still has NOT widely installed wireless capabilities on its trains. Not the Northeast Regional train. Not the Acela. If you google “Amtrak” and “Wireless” and this page about T-Mobile Hotspots pops up, and you decide not to closely read it because you figure Ohhhh, of course the trains have wireless—I mean the $25 NYC buses have it!, well you’re in for a surprise my friend. The hotspots are only at select train stations.  Another vote of confidence for government-run businesses delivered!

Oh, and the second bit of knowledge is simply that two-plus hours is too long to wait for a pizza—-even if it is a slice (or five) of the famous Sally’s Apizza.

I’ll be back on Wednesday!

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Image by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, Flickr Creative Commons