Ty Ruff, 22, came to D.C.  as a recent graduate of Trinity College, and a recently single man (“fresh out of a three year relationship,” according to MTV press docs.)

We soon saw him taking off his shirt at Cobalt, interning with the Caps, and doing other dramatic things like eating Subway sandwiches.

Ty had a rough-and-tumble childhood in Baltimore. After being abandoned by his biological parents, “Ty was shuffled around foster homes before being adopted at age five; and he grew up in a part of Baltimore he compares to ‘The Wire,'” according to MTV.  During college in Connecticut, Ty played football, and thought he would “be in real estate and be a Wall Street type of guy,” he said during our interview.

Here, he completed a rotating internship with the Washington Capitals, starting in marketing and moving to PR and then to media, learning the inner workings of the website, live streaming video, and operating cameras.

This opportunity…inspired him to go in another direction. “Having been out here, and been a part of this experience, I’ve been more into entertainment,” he says. “I did some modeling in Connecticut, and I’ve done modeling here,” he says.

So post-Real World, Ty wants to head to California, with the ultimate goal of acting in movies. “That’s the place to chase dreams,” he says.

MTV’s bio for Ty says “there just might be a roommate who steals his heart.”  Ty insists, with a twinkle, that he’s “not easily swayed by females. Steal my heart—-are you serious? …No I’m joking.”

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson / www.photokyle.com