Andrew Woods is the goofy blond guy spotted in D.C. wearing weird blue goggles and a panda hat. Originally from the Denver area, he decided to audition after a little prodding from his younger brother. “He thought I’d have a better chance of getting on the show, because I’m more of a prick,” he says.

According his MTV bio, he came to Washington after his latest girlfriend cheated on him and dumped him, and he “heads to D.C. a single man, looking to get with any girl who will say yes.”

I must admit, the best anecdote I ever heard about Andrew, I picked up in the Washington Post‘s recent video of the Real World house. Andrew tells the story himself, standing in front of a basement couch:

“I once brought a girl home, and she was lying on the couch, and I thought it would be cool or something to try and pick her up. And she was a lot heavier than she looked, and then I dropped her right here on this thing, [he’s pointing to the arm of the couch here] and it bruised her ribs.”

Andrew goes to Colorado State, and is a cartoon artist, so I’m pretty sure these are his works. He served as a graphics intern at the Washington Times while here in D.C. And MTV press docs mention something about how “one night with Andrew, and you may be the target of his next comic.” So look out for that delightful little plot line.

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson /