Josh Colon, 23, from Philadelphia is described as a “Puerto Rican/Italian glam rocker/rapper” by MTV. While touring me through the house, he went on and on about his band, and showed off his large sneaker collection—-a wide variety of multi-colored Converse Kicks, if I’m remembering correctly.

His last Philly-based band broke up roughly a year ago. “There was a lot of inner turmoil. I had a lead guitarist that had a drug problem. One kid went into the Marines. I was actually thinking of going, but this came through first. It was career decision time for me. I had to make a move!”

While here, Colon worked at Rhino Bar in Georgetown and started a new band, Wicked Liquid, which played at the Rock and Roll Hotel back in late September. He calls them a “mix between the Chili Peppers and The Roots” and said they were planning on touring the East Coast after Real World shooting completed.

Josh arrived in Washington while still in a relationship with a Philly girlfriend, and hinted that the season shooting period hadn’t been easy on the relationship.

Image by Sadie Dingfelder.