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Okay, in truth, the following list should read Real World, Real World, Affordable Condos, Real World, Real World, First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit, Real World, Real World, Real World, Real World. It’s an unstoppable force! as I predicted.

But in the name of variety and, well, a “housing complex,” I’ll leave most of the Real World posts to be discovered by Googlers and those that click on the top link. All the bios I wrote about the various roommates are collected there.

(1) Here They Are D.C., Your Seven (Eight, Actually) Strangers!

(2) D.C.’s Designated Affordable Condos Are Great—Just Don’t Move Any Time Soon

(3) Congress May Pass New Homebuyer Tax Credit This Week

(4) Homebuyer Tax Credit Will Extend Through July

(5) First-Time Homebuyer Credit Will Be Extended…But How?

(6) Now That’s What I Call a Sidewalk!

Image from MTV