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The Washington Business Journal is reporting that two bidders have offered proposals to redevelop the West End library and a nearby fire station. One is EastBanc Inc., which set its sights on this piece of land a while ago.

As I wrote back in July, the development of the West End library is a storied project. Back in 2007, the library’s land was almost sold off to Eastbanc as part of emergency legislation. When the company’s president earnestly discussed his plans with neighborhood folks, they responded with “derisive laughter,” as we reported back then. The proposal, which included condos and retail, went nowhere.

But EastBanc has dealt with its fair share of hassles over the years, and always persevered. See, Exhibit A, how EastBanc fought Exxon to close an ugly gas station near one of its condo buildings, and ultimately came to compromise that both companies could stomach. Or, Exhibit B, how it turned a parcel of land right between a highway and a Pepco building into one of the most sought-after, expensive condo buildings in the city, 3303 Water Street.

There’s only one other bidder vying for the property, luxury builder Toll Bros. I’ll try to get more details on the proposals soon.