Back in the day, when Housing Complex first started, my editor and I batted around the idea of a regular feature about above-and-beyond condo perks. This was Fall 2008—-really desperate times. I don’t think we’d picked out a punny name for it quite yet. But anyway, the idea never took off—which is unfortunate, because today provided a perfect, perfect little specimen to study.

Savoy Court, over in Congress Heights, is now offering a Smart Car with every condo purchase. And if you don’t want the giveaway—-valued at $12,000—-you can ask for that amount to be deducted from your closing costs or condo fees, or you can just take the car and sell it, says Betty Tait, a sales manager with

The building, which has 62 units, is roughly 70 percent sold out, says Tait. So she could be giving away 15 to 20 cars by the time the units are all gone. The units are priced from $159,900 to $229,900. has been handling the sales for Savoy Court since August. Since then, Tait has heard many potential buyers say they like the building, but it’s too long a walk—-nine or ten blocks to the Congress Heights station—-from the Metro.

“They say, ‘I don’t have a car,'” says Tait. Well, now they will. “In essence, we’re hoping this will not be an excuse any longer.”